I want to ask a question about props&cons of standing at work, but I'm not sure if it really fits into "freelancing" topic.

Is it appropriate to ask questions like this: questions about working conditions, different "life-hack", "work-from-home" techniques, tips and tricks?


Personally, I think Workplace.SE (also in beta) would be an ideal place for working condition questions, if only the question really fit there, which would mean on-site contracted work or something similar.

However, this is for self-employed and freelancing people, so the questions of responsibility for workplace grievances when on-site would be fine here. As would be freelancing from home (as a lot of web developers do).

Moreover, please don't ask "Pros and Cons" (list-type) questions on the Stack Exchange network. We like expert-level, specific questions (heck, we live on them here), and they are warned against in the beta email you received.

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