Now that our first self-evaluation is under our belt, I started going through the list of questions from the self-eval to try and improve them a bit.

I discovered some tags that we should review.

Freelancers have clients. I don't think it's possible to be a freelancer and not have clients; therefore, I'm not sure that such a tag really tells us much about the contents of the question. I'm planning to put a blacklist request in for this tag, but first, we as a community should go through and suggest edits to these questions to improve them, as well as doing any necessary retagging to make it easier for folks to find the questions.

This seems like a better tag. It's more specific. I can look at the tag and know the question has something to do with evaluating clients. This narrows things down enough to be useful.

Similar to evaluating clients, this tag also narrows things down. But how is it different from the tag?

So, I ask you Freelancing SE community, what shall we do with these tags?


Agree that is a bit woolly, but it probably has a role if restricted to client relationship issues?

Perhaps and maybe even should be merged as ?

I definitely agree that is (IMHO) a synonym for - perhaps renamed as to cover both bases?

  • (1) Merging clients with evaluating clients still seems kind of broad. I'm not entirely sure combining all of them at this time would be best, at least not without another 3-6 months of Q&A under our belts on Freelancing SE. (2) Attracting clients, marketing, and sales and marketing are all things that I could see being merged, especially attracting clients and marketing. I could see room for doubt on sales... maybe.
    – jmort253
    Sep 14 '13 at 18:51

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