Law.StackExchange.com has a close reason for something which is asking for specific legal advice.

I know this site doesn't get much traffic, but more and more questions seem to be very specific and overly concerned with a particular interaction between a freelancer and a client.

Perhaps it's merely how they are phrased. But I feel these questions asking for specific ways to deal with a specific client may be off topic because there's simply no way to know the actual interactions, the contract (if there is one), or any communication. At best the question details one side's perception which is almost always not the 100% valid accounting (even without any intentional deception).


Some of these examples could be reworded to be more objective and less "interaction specific". I don't claim that this is a "black and white" area. Some subjectivity is understood at times. But these seem to be very subjective and opinion based.

Yes, I've answered a few, which I can do but it's all really opinion and I don't think can be based in anything more without all the details. I worry that this Q/A will become overly populated by opinions without any real solid answers.

I don't even know if it matters based upon site traffic and still being in beta. I think questions are still only closed by moderators due to lack of user votes (but I don't honestly know).

Perhaps an "Asking for Specific Interaction Advice" would be a valid close reason to add? I merely feel if the answer to a question is "well, here's how I'd handle that situation..." it may be too subjective overall.

It also makes it difficult to link duplicates because no two situations will ever be the same, especially in the eyes of the user posting a question.

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