On other SE sites there is option when flag a question for mark it is a candidate for other SE site. There isn't such thing on Freelancing. Is there another way to do it?


Welcome edem!

In order to have a migration path, the question needs a couple things:

  1. To be on topic for another site
  2. Not a a low quality question for the target site
  3. Less than a certain age (I can't remember the exact age right now...)
  4. Moderators need to choose up to 5 sites to migrate questions to

I don't believe step 4 has been completed, as no one has brought it up yet. If there is a question that should belong on another site, flag it for Mod Attention, and let us know where you expect it to be. If it passes checks 1-3, then we can migrate it to any SE site. If it fails, we can let you know.

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