Since not many of us can suggest Tag Synonyms yet, here is a list for when we do have the ability to do so:

Feel free to edit with more suggestions


For future reference: you can just edit these when there's only 1 question. Setting up lots of synonyms when there's no clear evidence of a problem yet isn't usually productive.

Also, see: Overcoming the location specificity of questions

Finally, when you're discussing a specific tag or set of related tags, try to start a meta discussion that's clearly specific to those tags. Put them in the title so folks who're interested will find it. Do not try to create a gigantic list of tags that need to be changed; this does nothing to attract the attention of folks who're interested in those tags and becomes unwieldy in a hurry.


Yes, looks kind of out of place.

As far tagging every state or location around the world, though, I don't know if it's such a good idea in the first place; heck, that's around 250 tags, easily.


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