Continuing the discussion from this question i asked before, i'm going to propose activity related tags

This tags would refer to a concrete sector or activity, something like software-development, graphics-design, photography, and so on

An example of use could be this question i made on Freelancing SE. It could perfectly fit a software-development tag.

There are plenty of question cases that an activity related tag would be useless, but there are lots of cases too where it makes sense, i think.


These broad, catch-all categorization tags tend to be heavily used, overused, and abused — which means they tend to become THE dominant tags on the site… all without actually describing what the question is about. That can actually hurt the site when your most-used tags don't actually describe the content folks are searching for. That's because a really valuable piece of search-engine data becomes ubiquitous and largely useless.

So unless your question is actually about the subject of photography (or software-development, or graphics-design, or what have you), I would avoid using and encouraging tags that don't actually describe the content of the question.

If the sector you are working in adds important context to the question, you should include that information in the body of your text; not in the tags.

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    I'm not an expert on SE sites so your arguments are valid for me.
    – laconbass
    Jun 12 '13 at 16:11

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