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Suggesting to elaborate the Custom Close Reason #2 (seeking for work or workers)

Currently, the Custom Close Reason #2 says, Questions asking for freelancers to complete work are off-topic because it is essentially advertising, not asking answerable questions. If you need ...
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3 answers

Possible close reason addition? has a close reason for something which is asking for specific legal advice.
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Too many subjective questions lately

I realize as a beta, any question is often seen as a good question. But I fear that too many overly subjective questions will just do far more harm than good. When new users see that these types of ...
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Add Startups.SE to the list of off-topic sites

We've had a few questions lately that, upon reviewing the content, appear to be better-suited for Startups.SE.
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New Off Topic reason - Advertising for Jobs

I am seeing a few people posting for Job Opportunities within the community, which is not what we're about. I'd like to get some community/mod feedback on a new custom close reason. Feel free to add a ...
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What should we do with all of the questions asking for software?

One question that eventually surfaces on many new Stack Exchange sites is this: What do we do about questions where the asker is looking for software? These questions oftentimes are based on a ...
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