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Questions tagged [site-guidelines]

For questions concerning the site's governance and how guidelines such as the help center should be worded.

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6 votes
4 answers

Custom Off-topic Close reasons

As a follow up to the Help Center post, and with a shiny round of mods just around the corner, we should probably be looking at custom close reasons to add into the closing/flagging views (at current, ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Should this site have a back it up rule?

So far, most of the question and answers on this new site are setting the stage for attracting the types of experts who will help make this site a viable Stack Exchange site. Because of the nature of ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Help Center Scope - On Topic and Off Topic

The On-topic section of the Help Center (which is new, for those of you who just noticed) is the defining point of any Stack Exchange site; it is, in essence, exactly what a site here is. I've combed ...
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