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3 votes
2 answers

Election phase started with no candidates

I just noticed that the 2019 pro-tem election moved to the Election phase with no candidates nominating. Which means it's impossible to vote. I thought that if the nomination phase of an election ...
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Synonimize [tax] to [taxes]?

I just asked a question and noticed there were two tax-related tage: tax and taxes. There was no usage guide and there were only 10 uses of [tax], so I went and retagged those. Some actually used both,...
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Minor typo in on-topic page

The on-topic page says: Working in a part-time of full-time setting for a company (my emphasis). I suspect that should be "or" rather "of".
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Candidate for migration?

Regarding I'm wondering if this is a candidate for migration to opensource....
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New Off Topic reason - Advertising for Jobs

I am seeing a few people posting for Job Opportunities within the community, which is not what we're about. I'd like to get some community/mod feedback on a new custom close reason. Feel free to add a ...
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Adding [moonlighting] tag: yea or nay?

I've noticed a few questions in Freelancing that ask for advice when doing freelancing work on the side (while working a 9-5 during the day). We've had a bit of a discussion on it in the chat room (...
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2 votes
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Tag Burn: Independent-Contractor

I've proposed to delete independent-contractor from How should an independent contractor's resume differ from that of a candidate seeking a permanent position? Such a tag adds nothing on ...
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