A quick search shows roughly 80-90 questions asking about how or what to charge in some manner. (loosely filtering for not-so-relevant search results)

That's nearly 20% of all questions. 20%!

I don't see how any of these questions could definitively be answered ever. There are far, far too many variables which go into the rates someone can specifically change. In addition a community discussing what to charge for common services could easily be construed as "price fixing" by someone who wished to instigate something I realize it would be a stretch based on current questions. Nonetheless that line does exist.

So, since it's impossible to ever definitively, or even effectively, answer the "what do I charge for XXXX" why aren't these question closed more?

These are simply are bad questions. I understand the desire of users to have someone spoon-feed them what they should be pricing things at but A stack beta full of bad questions is just as unlikely to graduate as a beta missing questions.


Proposed close reason: (Editable community wiki):

Questions asking us to set a price for you is off-topic. We can't tell you what to set as a price; however, we can tell you how to set a price. See Is there a pattern we use to set our price? If this doesn't answer the question of how to set a price for your unique situation, please edit this post to add more details.

  • I created a proposed close reason to cover these cases. The question I linked to is one I randomly grabbed that seems to cover the question of how. There may be a better question to link to, if necessary. This is also a community wiki post to make it easier for others to contribute.
    – jmort253
    Oct 13 '14 at 1:46
  • I like that close reason as-is. Nov 7 '14 at 14:18

We can definitely take a more assertive role in closing these. I agree they're not the best questions, and their utility won't last long, since the market prices change over time.

Since this is a commonly asked question, we could also look around and see if we have a good canonical post that explains how to set one's price. we can include that in the close reason. Just because we can't tell a user exactly what to charge doesn't mean they can't leave with some helpful information that already exists on our site.


I agree. That's why I close a majority of the questions I do see asking how much to charge.

I have purposely left open some questions that I feel fit the se model of "teach a man to fish". Unless someone can give the community a reason to keep them open. I'd say we make it off topic, and close such questions.

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